Dental Amalgams and Parasites – A True Case

Dental Amalgams and Parasites – A True Case


This article will discuss about the experience from someone, a woman. She wanted to share about her recent experience regarding dental amalgams and parasites.

Two weeks ago, she had her four mercury fillings removed and replaced and began taking sun chlorella, mercury detox, vitamin C, etc. to aid and abet mercury removal from her system. Five days after the dental work, she had a microscopy done (a dark field blood test) that showed parasites in her blood stream. She’d had microscopies for a couple of years and there were never any parasites in them before. She guessed that the mercury was suppressing them somehow, although not suppressing their ability to sabotage her health.

The particular parasite was a protozoa, and it was dead, having been offend by her thankfully vigilant white blood cells. Those of you who’ve had microscopies know that you can actually see this taking place on screen.

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She had long suspected she had parasites, having had a lot of the symptoms. She decided to try Hulda Clark’s parasite remedies, and unfortunately, she has not experienced any change at all. She was wondering how long one has to be on them to notice a difference. She was also wondering whether anyone heard of and tried Clear & Experience.

Well, I have a friend who recently told me about her having Clear & Experience. She said that she took them to help with the yeast. She is getting toxins from her herbs so she is slowly killing them. So Clear & Experience is actually working.

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