Dental Brochures – Key to Successful Dental Practice

Dental Brochures – Key to Successful Dental Practice


For a dental practice in Detroit, dental brochures can serve to provide patients with important information on common diseases of the teeth and gums. Dentists often use a well-crafted brochure to introduce themselves and present their credentials. A brochure that contains positive, encouraging text and images can ease fear and build a patient’s confidence in the procedure.

Dental brochures are a tasteful and understated way to market a dental practice. Patients waiting in a dentist’s lobby are more inclined to read material relating to oral health than they would otherwise. Brochures displayed in an attractive literature stand will serve to inform patients of new techniques, services and procedures.

Elements of a Dental Brochure

The key to designing a successful dental brochure is pre planning to ensure that its focus and flow proceeds in a cohesive orderly manner. There are several important design elements that should included in the planning process.

Determine the Brochure’s Objective: Services provided by dentists either relate to oral disease and corrective measures or cosmetic dentistry. Brochures that that are produced to address a specific area tend to be more successful than those which overwhelm patients with a myriad of conflicting services.

Emphasize the End Result: Many people have a fear of the dentist that is rooted in an association with pain. It is important to continually underscore the benefits of the outcome while soothing concerns over the process.

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Develop Brand Identity: By including a well-designed logo in their dental brochures, Detroit area dentists can establish an identity that is immediately recognizable to existing and prospective patients. A memorable logo helps separate a dental practice from its competitors.

Emphasize Critical Information: The medical profession is built on a foundation of facts, statistics and illustrations. Poorly written text is generally ignored in favor of explanations that are concise, supported with evidence, and accompanied by treatment options.

Call to Action: A well-designed dental brochure will always offer a subtle motivational push that compels the patient to take additional action. Promotions, discounts and free exams are all examples of this type of understated marketing.

Selecting a Print Shop

The actual layout is an extremely critical part of dental brochure printing. In many instances, a four page folded approach works best when each page can focus on a different facet of the dental practice. This might include an explanation of specific periodontal diseases, dental services designed to address the disease and detailed information on the practice and the individual practitioners.

Detroit Print Shop can provide help with graphic design, logo creation, paper selection, folding options and every other important aspect of brochure creation.

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