Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease

Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease

Are you one of those many people who brushes and flosses religiously only to be told you have yet another cavity when you visit the dentist for a check-up?

Please don’t despair as there is more to the story!

According to research published in the late 1960’s by the late Nobel Laureate Dr. Ralph Steinman; Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease. What that means to you who are frustrated and confused is that there is more you can do to help yourself because dental decay is related to the health of the Whole Body.

Ralph Marvin Steinman (January 14, 1943 – September 30, 2011)[4] was a Canadian immunologist and cell biologist at Rockefeller University and was one of the recipients of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

What Steinman found in research with John Leonora at Loma Linda University in California is that in health, there is an outward flow of fluid within the tooth that has a flushing/cleansing action. However, when the health of the body is compromised-in this study through diet-there is a reverse in this fluid and with it a corresponding increase in decay. While this mechanism involves some rather complex processes, safe to say once again: You Are What You Eat.

Next month, I will share a shocking detail of this study that you will not want to miss.