Dental Hygiene Schedule – Managing a Productive Dental Recall System

Dental Hygiene Schedule – Managing a Productive Dental Recall System


A dental recall system is designed to keep the hygiene schedule full and productive. If the hygiene schedule is not full, the dentist will see holes in the treatment schedule days or weeks later. Traditional forms of recall such as recall cards are too passive to ensure a full schedule.

Dental recall cards are not effective enough. Patients want to hear from their dental practice. The most effective way to schedule dental patients is by phone. If done correctly, this will keep the hygiene schedule full. This keeps the practice “in touch” with its patients and increases patient retention dramatically. Recall cards are much too passive and impersonal.

Patients enjoy the personal contact of a dental practice. Allowing assistants and hygienists to attend to the recall is not cost efficient (not to mention, most of them despise calling and getting rejected). A successful practice keeps the hygienist schedule full. Successful practices keep their assistants busy with collections during downtime. This helps dental assistants and hygienists stay productive and happy.

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Many dental practices get in the expensive habit of allowing the hygienist attempt recall during downtime. Since the average hygienist gets paid $30 per hour, it becomes very expensive to pay a hygienist to do recall. Additionally, paying someone $8 an hour to make phone calls is more expensive than using a personalized dental recall system. Payroll taxes and untrained recall specialists can make dental recall expensive.

Using a personalized dental recall system will fill the hygiene schedule faster and cost a the practice less.

Source by Chris L Dunne

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