Dental Pain

Dental Pain


Dental pain is a very common problem faced by people all across the world. It is pain experienced around the teeth or jaws. Generally, it is a result of various dental problems such as a cavity, exposed tooth root or other gum problems. Sometimes wrong alignment of the jaw joint can also lead to this problem. This pain can range from mild to severe. This problem can be intensified while chewing or with exposure to hot or cold.

Causes of Dental Pain

The various causes of dental pain are:

Dental Cavity: Toothache, most of the times is caused due to dental cavities. Our teeth are covered with two protective layers viz. enamel and dentin. Enamel is the outermost layer and dentin is the layer just beneath it. These two layers protect the living tooth tissue called pulp which is composed of blood vessels and nerves. Many bacteria that reside in our mouth convert simple sugars into acids. These acids cause the breakdown of the two protective layers, creating holes in them. These holes are termed as dental cavities. The cavities expose the dental nerves and cause toothache.

Gum disease: Many times toothache is attributed to gum disease. It is often caused because of poor oral hygiene. There may be two forms of gum disease. The first stage is gingivitis. This stage is identified by swollen gums, irritation and bleeding gums. This stage can be treated through antibiotics and proper oral care. If care is not taken at this stage, the problem may be aggravated and enter the second stage that is periodontitis disease. This stage is irreversible and leads to facial disfiguration.

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Cracked tooth: This is the development of cracks in the teeth. These cracks can occur in the outer layer or the inner layer of a tooth. They result in toothache. Tooth cracks are often caused in weak teeth. One must use a good toothpaste or tooth powder to ensure healthy and strong teeth.

Tooth root sensitivity: It is also caused because of exposed tooth roots. Tooth roots are buried in the jaw bone. Many bacteria release toxin which dissolve the bone that surrounds the tooth. This results in exposure of the root which makes the teeth sensitive to hot and cold.

We see that the main reason of dental pain is improper oral care. A good oral hygiene is the only prevention to dental cavities, gum disease, cracked tooth or tooth root sensitivity. Ayurvedic toothpaste or tooth powder is very effective in preventing all dental problems. I used to suffer with persistent toothache in the past. A friend recommended Yunadent dental powder. It is very beneficial. I have never faced any dental problem since I started using Yunadent.

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