Dental Recall Cards – Is There a Better Way?

Dental Recall Cards – Is There a Better Way?


Dental recall cards are used because they are inexpensive and easy. They have accurate information and get where they need to go. Patients actually receive them in their mailboxes. That is where it ends. The actual number of patients that respond to them and act on them is astoundingly low. Amidst all the credit card offers and junk mail that a person receives daily, dental recall cards get lost in the shuffle and appear to be a way for dentists to simply get you back into their office to have some costly work done.

Recall cards do not tell you what the patient is thinking.

They don’t tell you why the patient has not come back in for a visit. If there is a problem in your office that is keeping them away then you will never be able to find out what it is in order to fix it.

Proactive dentists now are doing recall differently.

Dentists that care about perfecting the reputation of their office and inviting patients to return in a friendly way are turning to an dental recall.

Outsourced dental recall can be a very effective way for patients to be contacted and lovingly invited to return, if it is done correctly. Recall cards are done away with. The third party recall company uses a more effective way of contacting your patients… a phone call.

This may sound familiar. You may currently be paying your dental assistant to call patients in her spare time. But this is very different. A good third party recall company has very well trained recall specialists that have specific recall skills and dental experience. The truth is that your dental assistant is not trained to increase your patient retention over the phone. She does not have the tools to give you as the dentist any important feedback about your patients and why they are coming back or why they have not returned. A good recall company has those tools and can provide you with that knowledge.

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You may have noticed that your patient recall list is growing rather than shrinking. By using the right dental recall company the list can get shorter. With the proper feedback from their monthly reports you can retain patients and keep your schedule full.

Which dental recall companies are recommended?There is one company that is currently doing recall nationwide. They are the only company that I have found which meets all of my criteria for successful patient retention. A good third party recall company has all of the following requirements…

Dental trained recall specialists – This is required in order to ask the right questions and fill your schedule correctly.

Courteous recall specialists – In order to invite the patient back effectively, the patient must feel that they are heard and genuinely cared for. THIS IS A MUST.

Proper tools – The specialist must have access to the proper proprietary software to catalog and manage a recall list correctly and efficiently.

Source by Gavin Bloom

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