Full Coverage Dental Plans – Is There Such A Thing? Let’s Take A Look

Full Coverage Dental Plans – Is There Such A Thing? Let’s Take A Look


Full coverage dental plans are a myth, if you’re expecting to buy a dental plan that offers you 100% coverage for everything you need. The reason for this is because the current dental insurance policies that are available are not adequate. They do not cover any pre-existing conditions, which is the main reason that most people see a dentist in the first place. It’s true, because seven out of ten households don’t have any form of dental plan so they only see a dentist when they’re in pain or their teeth get so bad that they no longer have a choice. This is the kind of treatment that dental insurance doesn’t immediately cover.

Dental insurance policies require a waiting period of usually at least twelve months before they’ll begin covering pre-existing issues, but even then they may only pay 25-50%. I’ve seen some policies that start off by paying 10% after twelve months, 25% after two years, 50% after three years and so on. This means that if you have a problem with your teeth right now that you need to be seen for, you’ll be forced to pay for it 100% out of pocket.

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The other option that you have is called a dental discount plan. These plans aren’t insurance policies and the company doesn’t make any payments on your behalf to the dental provider. What they offer is substantial discounts from 10% to 60% off of the usual cost of dental care. This will depend on the plan that you choose, area where you live and procedure to be performed,

I spoke to another insurance agent in Arizona a couple years ago about dental insurance, because that was never really my primary area of expertise, and she told me that dental insurance is not worth the cost these days. Most decent plans are over priced and the coverage was inadequate. She highly recommended that I buy a dental discount plan instead.

Full coverage dental plans are a myth, but you still have options that can make visiting the dentist much more affordable. Which will you choose? The choice seems clear.

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